Queen of cowries
in the latest
Acne Paper
issue 17

Cinematographer Diamante Kayenga


Photography Justin French

Styling Glen Mban

Hair Latisha Chong

Makeup Olivia Barad

Set Design Olivia Giles

Lighting Pierre Bonnet

Digital Tech Kilkwang Yoshi Park

Stvlist Assistant Elie Merveille

Hair Assistant Quan Kinard,
LaMesha Mosley

Makeup Assistant Jason Case

Set Design Assistants Salief Lewis, Nate Mooney

Production @gallee24 @wefolkagency

On Set Production Lynda Goldstein

Casting @mischanot @11casting

Talent: Red
(Select Models - Paris),

Editor-in-Chief Thomas Person

Managing Editor Arian De Vos