Rebranded 001:Usha Jey

Through this visual concept, the idea is to question the answerless idea of identity and to create visuals that reflect - by the details of our culture, taste, preferences and personal choices but also through elements we have no control on - who we are NOW, in the ephemeral and, finally, to confront the different perceptions of those elements that make us who we are visually.

From a previous interview (that I may or may not reveal later), wonderful @usha_jey shared with me personal infos that allowed us to create an interpretation of her visual identity.

Every color, every body movement, and every other details gives you information that you would have only if you decide to look properly.

« Rebranded » is an Ode to self- consciousness , to the togetherness that shapes the Self.

Created + Directed by @diamante_ka ME
Photography on set by @alextrescool
Styling by @glenmban
Makeup by @_swan.a_
Casting + Produced by @casting_by_leisly
Post Production by @diamante_ka me
Colour Grading + Mixed by @louis_azaud

At @studio_initie @joana_mahafaly