Rebranded 002
"Then it rained and Rainbow appeared"

A visual tale, starring Melissa Bon

Questioning the way we shape an Identity.
How visual it is - How it would sound like, look like, feel like.
How much of the idea of Us, as humans - is the actual reflection of a reality?
And when this reality becomes obsolete, becomes that legend about us that we will continuously nourish - while rebranding the concept of « I am » - what will last?
What is permanent, and what is temporary?
At last, how much (re)branding an identity is a personal story, versus a collective tale?

That reflection I had when I started this project has way more sense as we shot those images a year ago.
At that time, the main thought I had about Melissa - because she was so openly her, in her own way - was : how can I see beyond all she already shared while respecting what she affirmed to be Her.

« Then it rained and Rainbow appeared »
is the tale that describes what I saw.

From a previous interview, amazing @Melissabon shared with me personal info that allowed us to create an interpretation of her visual identity.
Every color, every body movement, and every detail gives you pieces of information you will have only if you pay attention.


Created + Directed Diamante KA

Photography on set Roxane Moreau

Styling Glen Mban

Makeup Swan Arnaud

Produced Louis Azaud

Post Production Diamante KA

at Studio Initié
@studio_initie @joana_mahafaly